• Lee Weeks

We enjoyed it so much we are doing it again!

Here is what people said:

“It helped me a lot and gave me a lot of clarity in terms of how to work on my Novel. You have a lot of knowledge and shared it in a relaxed way.” - Kam

“I got more from the course than I thought. If I’m honest, I think I went into feeling a little defensive about what I thought I knew about creative writing. However, your approach to teaching really opened me up and made me feel at ease.” - Keith

“I loved the workshops and the way they were laid out. It felt like the perfect balance.” - Lucy

“I found it really useful to learn the structures/techniques for writing my books, along with the clarity coaching. For me personally knowing how to do things from a practical point of view and then understanding where our experience comes from, and how our minds work, was a great balance.” - Lucy.

Hard at work!

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